Let your child write and publish their very own book

This 6 week writing course covers all the areas needed for your child to write a great story. 

What's even better is that their story will then be turned into an actual book!

Our next programme date is TBC. This page is for information purposes only. Thank you.

This one-of-a-kind programme will give your child all the confidence, knowledge and skills they need to write their very own book.

The icing on the cake... They will hold a physical copy of their published book and a link to order more or sell online.

And they will be able to do it over and over again in the future. 

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In this online course they will learn to...

Enjoy writing in a fun, engaging, encouraging environment. They'll also gather the knowledge needed to construct a great page turner. 

Modules include:

Routine & Observation,


Point of View and Setting,


Dialogue and Story Endings. 

On completion of the 6 weeks the children will give me their typed up story and illustrations (if any) to edit AND print for them. 

We'll be supplying you with a link to reorder more copies for friends and family and also enabling you to sell copies online. A mini enterprise in the making perhaps!


"Absolutely loved the course . She loved the homework in preparation for the workshop . You have a special way with kids Emma-Jane, so encouraging, full of praise . Lots of fun" - Parent of child who completed course in August 2020.

Every Saturday your child will receive a new module in the form of a video and downloadable worksheet.

Topics include: Observation, Characters, Scene Setting, Plot, Dialogue and Endings.


These are delivered in a fun, engaging way.

Every Friday at 4pm, your child can join a Zoom group chat with Emma-Jane and their fellow young writers to discuss their progress and any queries they may have. Listening and interacting with other children will help the learn and boost their confidence. 

Spaces are Limited

To ensure each child gets the 1-2-1 attention they need during the course to produce your unique book, spaces are limited and are filling up fast. 


"Lily enjoyed the course immensely and was really happy with what her book turned out to be. Emma-Jane was so helpful and whenever Lily had any questions at all, she replied almost immediately. I would highly recommend the course if your child is interested in writing and creating their very own book. Thank you so much Emma-Jane for a wonderful experience." - Parent of child who completed the course in August 2020.

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It's Easy & Fun To Help Them Become Authors

This course really is a one-of-a-kind to helping your child develop a love of writing. Past pupils have loved working towards a deadline to create their very own book.  

Having published over 6 children's books and over 10 updated editions, we can now easily guide your child through creating their very own book.

The course is delivered via a handy app or in your web browser and enables your child to do it whenever, and wherever suits. There are weekly check-in's via Zoom which really helps to build confidence and is a super peer learning opportunity.

You can sign up to the course, which commences Saturday 9th January,  by clicking here


"A really in-depth and well thought out course that our son really enjoyed. A lot of work for him to do and he enjoyed working to a ‘deadline’ - Parent of child who completed course in August 2020.

There's Nothing Stopping Them. 

If they have ever dreamed of writing a book... Now is their moment. 

“I want to do something splendid…
Something heroic or wonderful that won’t be forgotten after I’m dead…
I think I shall write books.”
― Louisa May Alcott

I Shall Write Books